Pictured from left to right: Jake (that's me), a photogenic goat.

The Short

Sausage Dog Promo Co. is a one man screen printing operation located near Windsor, Ontario run by me, Jake! I focus on short-mid sized runs of hand printed, awesome t-shirts.

The Long

Hey! I’m Jake and I run Sausage Dog Promo Co. as a one-man operation out of my basement in Harrow, Ontario - Just outside of Windsor, which is just across the Canada/USA border from Detroit. Here’s a bit about me and this company!

I started screen printing when I was in college studying graphic design, I can’t remember the exact year but I’d guess 2013-2014. I started a little screen printing company with a friend that we kept up on a very part time basis throughout college mainly printing shirts for local bands. After I graduated, real life came around, I got a job as a graphic designer and left screen printing in the dust.

Back in summer of 2019 I had a few small opportunities to do some promotional products for some local companies so I started Sausage Dog Promo Co. I started out just doing promotional product distribution but then I found a pretty sweet used screen printing set up for sale and jumped back on the screen printing train.

Since then I’ve shifted my primary focus from promotional products to screen printing and have printed lots of cool shirts for lots of cool people!

I’ve got a 6 colour press but try to focus most of my efforts on small-mid sized runs with 1-2 colours, this allows me to provide faster turnaround times than other shops that are focused on huge runs of multi-colour designs. That’s not to say I won’t do the larger and more complex jobs but as a graphic designer I have always been one for stripping back and designing things to be as simple as they can be, I carry that ideology over to screen printing and simply prefer the more stripped back, low colour designs - I think they’re way cooler than printing some crazy 9 colour photo-realistic design.

Hopefully over the next few years I can grow Sausage Dog Promo Co. to the point where I can provide other people with jobs, and maybe even move into a larger space! Until then you can find me in my basement, printing cool stuff for you.

That name though…

I know at some point since either hearing about my company or stumbling upon my website you’ve probably been like, what even is that name? Who names a company that? The answer is me. I name my company that.

When I was working in the marketing department at my previous job there were days that I loved it and days that I hated it, while this is not uncommon for most jobs it was getting to a point where the bad days were outweighing the good days. My co-workers felt the same way and we had discussed starting up a little design/marketing agency type thing, one of my co-workers was completely obsessed with Dachshunds like pretty much any Dachshund owner out there, and I am a dog lover of any type so I came up with the name Sausage Dog Design Co. Needless to say that never came to fruition so I decided to modify the name and call this company Sausage Dog Promo Co.

You may also be wondering if I have Dachshunds myself. The answer is no, I do not, and while I love them I probably never will have one, I’m more of a big dog person. Currently I have two dogs, one is a bulldog/masiff mix of some sort, and the other is a shepherd mix of some sort. Both of them turned out to be smaller than expected (50-60 pounds, some might say that’s big enough but my last dog was pushing 200 pounds and wasn’t really that much overweight when we had to put her down).

The bulldog mix is named Ziva, we got her as a puppy and she is a fantastic dog, she stood with me/slept on the ground beside me in my wedding then just wandered around and hung out with random guests for the rest of the night. The shepherd mix is named Juno, she was a feral rescue and boy is she a handful! We know nothing about her past but think she may have been a bait dog for dog fighting, she’s terrified of everything, especially other dogs and people that she doesn’t know - even a measley 4 pound yorkie. My dogs are great, I love them, I pet them every day, they sleep in my bed along with my wife, often times my 2 year old daughter and my cat (her name is miss kitty). Dogs don’t get the pleasure of having a typical lifespan of 70-80+ years like we humans do so they should at least get the comfort of sleeping in a bed with people they love and trust!

Well this has certainly become a long-winded and run-on about section to say the least. If you got this far thanks for reading! If you didn’t get this far then thanks for trying! And regardless of if you got this far I hope you have a wicked awesome day and get to pet lots of dogs!

Signed, that guy Jake from the wiener dog shirt company.

P.S. if this wasn’t enough information, or if you have pictures of dogs you want me to look at feel free to email me at jake@sausagedogpromo.com or through the fancy form on the contact page.

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