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Why should my band sell merch?

Unless you know some top secret way to get the money that you deserve out of Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. or unless you have managed to find some place that will pay you in something other than exposure to play your songs to people, than selling merch is probably the most viable option to make any sort of income from your band.

In addition to income (let's be real that "income" is probably going right back into more merch, touring, or recording anyway), there is nothing cooler than seeing people wearing your bands t-shirt, plus it's essentially *free* advertising for you.

What Kind Of Merch?

If you're planning a tour or even just a quick little run of shows it's probably not a bad idea to have a variety of options for people. Consider things that have different price points, different styles, colours, etc. and don't be afraid to go out of the ordinary!

Some good examples of merch you can get from Sausage Dog Promo Co. include:

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General Info

Sausage Dog Promo Co. is a one man screen printing operation run by me! Jake! I print everything out of my basement in Harrow, Ontario, just outside of Windsor. I specialize in short to mid sized runs of hand screen printed t-shirts and other apparel and low colour quantities (typically 1-2 colour designs but I can run up to 6).

In addition to my screen printing services I also have partnerships with suppliers to provide high quality merchandise of all sorts! Through my partnerships I can provide you with pretty much any type of branded merchandise that you can think of!

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My band is on a tight budget, any tips to help us keep costs down?

This is a solid question and I'm going to answer it mainly as it pertains to screen printed apparel since that is my primary service offering.

There are a few ways to keep costs to a minimum for apparel. I actually wrote a blog called 10 Money Saving Tips - Custom T-Shirts On a Budget that will answer this in more detail. As a general overview though a few easy ways to save money are to go with a single colour design, print on white shirts as opposed to black or coloured, only print in one location, and stick to brands like Gildan, M&O Knits, or Alstyle.

We're on tour and running low on merch will you ship to the venue?

Absolutely! Just make sure that you get the venue's permission beforehand, if they receive something that they're not expecting they might have it sent back which is going to result in no merch and more shipping fees for you. Also make sure you choose a venue that you'll be at far enough in the future where the merch will arrive before you do as opposed to after you do.

How can we get free shipping?

All sticker orders include free shipping pretty much anywhere in Canada and the USA. For all other merchandise you are subject to shipping fees on an order-to-order basis.

Get Me Some Cool Merch!

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