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Why Should I Offer Contracted Screen Printing Services?

The real question is why aren't you already offering contracted screen printing? If you're already designing for a client or providing other printing services either in-house or contracted out then adding custom screen printed apparel to your repertoire will only help increase your revenues while adding little to no work for yourself.

Who Is Eligible?

Contract screen printing services are available to individuals and businesses who are looking to sell custom apparel to their customers (B2B). These services are not available for individuals or businesses who are looking to sell or hand out apparel to the end consumer.

Examples of eligible candidates include:

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Contract Services Available

General Info

Sausage Dog Promo Co. is a one man screen printing operation run by me! Jake! I print everything out of my basement in Harrow, Ontario, just outside of Windsor. I specialize in short to mid sized runs of hand screen printed t-shirts and other apparel and low colour quantities (typically 1-2 colour designs but I can run up to 6).

In the past I have had a few local freelance designers contact me about contract printing for them with much success, so I have decided to offer it on a more formal level to other designers, freelancers, distributors, or other related businesses.

As a contract printing customer you will receive a discount on screen printing services which will allow you to mark the pricing back up a little bit to make some extra revenue for yourself or your business. Here are a couple of general rules, and things to keep in mind if you are interested in any contract printing!

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You must provide proper files.

While I truly love screen printing it is still a business and a way for me to pay my bills and feed me kids. Since I am providing a discount with contract printing I don't have as much time to mess around with re-creating artwork or finding unknown fonts. With that said it is absolutely imperative that all files are essentially ready to go! I prefer illustrator (.ai) files with colours separated by layer, and all fonts outlined, at the very least everything must be editable so that I can add any trapping or chokes to the artwork when needed.

If you design in Photoshop then please send a file that is at least full scale and a minimum of 300 DPI. My maximum print area is approximately 12" x 14" printed either vertically or horizontally. Left chest designs are typically 3" - 4" on the long side depending on the design and sleeve prints/logos are usually about 3" or so wide as well.

Shipping/Delivery is extra

While I offer free shipping on orders over $300 on standard orders within Canada, I cannot currently offer the same for contract orders. I am still testing the waters with contract printing so this could soon change but for the time being you will be responsible to cover any shipping or delivery charges. Shipping is determined on a job-to-job basis. If you are local to Essex County you can opt to have your order delivered at my earliest convenience for a $25 fee.

If you are local you can also opt to pick up your order with no additional fees from my shop (aka my house) in the Harrow/Colchester, Ontario area.

I will not include any Sausage Dog Promo Co. branding (unless you want me to).

If you're offering services that you contract out to your customers it is completely understandable that you may not want your customers to know where that product is coming from, therefore I never include any Sausage Dog Promo Co. related materials with orders. I will not include my business name on shipping labels, or any little add-ins with the apparel unless you give me the go-ahead to do so.

I will do my best to refrain from posting any images or photos online.

I must admit this one is hard for me! The more social media and website content I can have the better, but I completely understand that you may not want stuff that you order posted online. I pretty much always try to grab a few pictures of everything I print regardless of if I plan to post it. There is always a chance that eventually I may come across a photo down the road and end up using it as filler on this website, or in a social post or something like that. If there is a job that you absolutely do not want posted online, or if you do not want it posted prior to a certain date just let me know!

I'm not going to steal your clients.

I know that this is a major thing that people worry about when contracting work out, especially to a company like mine who also works directly with retailers, consumers, etc. You're helping me out by bringing me your business, and I'm helping you out by providing a service for you to add to your repertoire. I am in no way out to take your clients away from you, that's just straight up not cool - this is why I do not include any of my own branding in with the garments that I print on contract. With that said I obviously can't stop your clients from contacting me directly to inquire about my services. If this were to happen and I recognize the client as one of my contract customers' clients I will try to reach out to you via email to let you know I have been contacted by them, this will hopefully give you the opportunity to reach out to them yourself to offer printing services. If however, I do not hear back from you within 24 hours I will move forward with the client that contacted me as leaving a customer waiting on a response for too long is not my thing and I strive to provide prompt and friendly service.

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